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We have a lot of great contributors on this blog, learn more about them here and learn even more by reading their posts and personal blogs! 

Adriel is a first time mom to little Bee. She is a stay at home mom that is extremely passionate about breastfeeding and nursing in public. Her breastfeeding story is filled with hilarity, history, understanding and a lot of leaking. 
Alissa is a part-time SAHM to her son, Lucas.  When she's not busy chasing her very active little man around she loves cooking, DIY-ing and reading the latest mystery novel.  Her breastfeeding journey is one of overcoming obstacles, including a tongue tie, chronic plugged ducts and oversupply.  You can also visit Alissa at MommaAlwaysKnows.com

Amanda is a first time single mama to sweet little Harper. She enjoys cooking, reading, and seeing the world thru Harper's eyes. Amanda's breastfeeding story is filled with finding support, determination, a long list of struggles, and victory.

 Analyn is mom to a very active preschooler and his ever curious sister. She has a total of 2.5 years of breastfeeding under her belt and is looking forward to many more. She never knew how passionate this whole parenting thing would make her and is grateful for her mom tribe.

Andrea  N is a former Executive Assistant turned SAHM. She gave up babying high powered execs for babying, well, her baby. She enjoys spending her days chasing after Nora and her two puggles. Her struggles (and successes) include breastfeeding with flat nipples; a severe lip and tongue tie; and battling mastitis. She's passionate about helping women succeed in breastfeeding. She can also be found at www.divagoesorganic.com.

Becky is a first time mom to the ever smiling Charlotte. She spends her workdays as a full time teacher and her nights snuggling and nursing her girl (because no one wants to sleep alone!). Although she never knew she was a happy crunchy mama at heart she has found her "home" in the world of AP, baby wearing and bed sharing. While spending time with her family is her favorite thing, she also enjoys lazy days at the beach, travel, drinks with girlfriends and all aspects of food! Her breastfeeding journey is one of night nursing, the challenges of returning to work, pumping, late onset nipple pain and trauma, and a deep love affair with breastfeeding.

Christa is a mom of three, two who she gets to hold in her arms every day, Mason & Kyla and one who she holds in her heart, Elena. Her breastfeeding story focuses on ease, breastfeeding through pregnancy and baby loss. You can also find Christa at LittleUsBlog.com

Jessica A. is a full time RN and mother of one hungry little boy, Connor. When not working or nursing, Jessica can be found taking Connor to the park, attending breastfeeding support groups, cooking and spending time outdoors. Her breastfeeding story includes struggles with slow weight gain, low supply and the challenges of returning to work.
 Joan lives and works in NYC with her husband, daughter and very active pup. Her breastfeeding journey had a rough (and painful) start and she thought women who claimed to love breastfeeding were all lying liars. Months later she dares to say that she's one of those women who loves breastfeeding and is so thankful she stuck with it. You can find her little corner of the internet at TheBaloneyBug.com
Leann is a mother to one daughter, "Bugs". She is a professional entertainer trying to figure out this mom thing while traveling the country, living in an RV with her husband (Josh), mother in law (Mama K), Bugs and 2 dogs (Maeby & Gob), and performing multiple shows daily. You can find Leann at Extreme Illusions and Escapes.com and on Facebook.

 Laura is a first-time mom who is passionate about photography, teaching, and poverty alleviation. While she spends her days playing with little Boo she dreams up ways to foster genuine community in a culture rooted in rugged individualism. Her breastfeeding story involves an accidental affection for AP and a desire to cheer on other mamas in their breastfeeding journeys.

Missy  is a designer and animator with a fondness for chocolate and Disney movies. She is also mommy to an active and happy baby boy, who occupies most of her time of late. She and her family live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they enjoy the spectacular weather and scenery, not to mention the food!

Samantha  is a full time working mama of one very active little boy. She has replaced her designer handbags with expensive baby carriers and poo filled wet bags. Her breastfeeding journey has tales of flanges, hand pumps and nipple butter starring a baby that just won't sleep. You can also find Samantha at MyJordanianNugget.com.


Tiffany  is a first time mommy in a small very country NC town. She is the first of 5 sisters to breastfeed and battles the opinions of others daily. She is trying to be as "crunchy" as she can and is a passionate cloth diaper user! Her and baby Becks' journey includes battling mastitis, nipple trauma, poor latch, nursing in the NICU, low milk supply, extreme dietary restrictions, and a very colicky baby!

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