Monday, November 18, 2013

Adventures in Breastfeeding!

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What happens when you put a bunch of breastfeeding women together in an online support community?  You get stories of tears, triumphs, and tatas of course!  

Recently a member of our community joked about the perfect blog name. Someone else suggested that we start a group blog.  It occurred to us that collectively we have suffered through and overcome most obstacles associated with breastfeeding.  All of that knowledge was just begging to be shared. Where else can you find women who have battled chronic mastitis, tongue ties, supply dips, food allergies, and negative attitudes from others? Where else can you learn from a group of women with diverse experiences and opinions about breastfeeding and parenting in general?  Any mama from our fold will eagerly tell you her story with a smile on her face and a baby at her breast.  Our hope is that you will find at least one perspective that resonates with you and maybe even learn something new.

What you'll find on this blog:

  • Personal stories - We're open about both our successes and our failures in breastfeeding, as well as all the struggles and victories along the way. We know that every mother has a unique story to tell!
  • Information and support - It would be great if you could just pop your newborn onto the boob and be done with it, but for most women, it's not that easy. We'll share with you the tips and encouragement that have most helped us!
  • Nursing lifestyle stuff - All about our favorite products, food, fashion, and entertainment related (or not!) to breastfeeding.

What you WON'T find on this blog:

  • Shaming - We're in the business of support and encouragement, not judgement, shaming, or bullying. Do we think breast is best? Yes, of course (that's why we're here). Do we think you're a bad mom if you disagree? No.
  • Lockstep opinion - Ask us any question, and you will probably get as many different answers as we have authors (or more, since opinions change over time). We may often passionately disagree, and we think that's healthy!
  • Deadly seriousness - They're just boobs. Lighten up!
This is a community for you, our readers.  We want to extend the encouragement we have received from each other to all of you. After all, while breastfeeding is natural, it isn’t always easy, and women need all the support they can get.  Ask questions, share your struggles or successes, and laugh at some of our stories (we promise there will be plenty to laugh about!).  This is your invitation to join us on our adventures in breastfeeding.

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