Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Nursing Mama's Holiday Gift Guide

Got a breastfeeding mother on your holiday gift shopping list? Check out our handy gift guide, with options for every budget!

Oatmeal Cookies - $4*
$3.90 per box on Amazon, price may vary in store
Whether it's to boost supply or stave off hunger, a sweet treat is always appreciated by a nursing mum. These oatmeal and dark chocolate cookies are sure to satisfy and are easy on the wallet!

Got a mama on your list with a sense of humor? This knit beanie inspired by (AHEM) boobs will illicit a chuckle and keep her little one's head warm at the same time.

Lactation Tea - $10*
*As of posting price is $10.47 for a pack of 3. 
Making milk isn't always easy. Give a nursing mom a boost and something warm to sip on during those cool winter nights.

With its stylish design and different textures for baby to grasp, this necklace is the perfect buy for the mama with a distracted nursling.

Tis the season to stay hydrated! Breastfeeders can always use an extra water bottle and this one has its own filter! Plus, isn't it festive?

Who says lactation isn't sexy? Pretty nursing bras can be hard to find, but are in demand nonetheless. We love this lacy red one, but recommend a gift card to ensure she gets her correct size!

Our contributor Samantha of My Jordanian Nugget swears by Thirty-One's totes! Give the on-the-go pumping mom the gift of stylish storage with this one.
You can never go wrong with cozy pajamas! This pretty plaid, flannel button-down set are perfect for night feedings and cuddling.

Finally, an all-in-one set for the pumping mama! This has got everything but the kitchen sink (except the actual pump) and works with most pumps. By giving this, you're giving the gift of time and convenience!

Pulling an all-nighter with a nursling can make for one tired mom. A tablet helps mum stay connected (and up-to-date on her favorite blog!), while keeping an arm free for a sweet, snuggly baby!

Still stumped? Find  more ideas on our Pinterest board.

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