Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nursing Necklace Roundup

Last year at this time, I thought a lot about what my holiday would be like with an almost 10 month old baby.  To me, 10 months old seemed so far out.  I couldn't have even predicted how much different Christmas would be with an on the move baby.  Nor would I have realized the struggles involved in nursing a curious, distracted little one during the holidays.  I hear mothers say all the time that their nursling pulls off and squirms while nursing and they need to know how to fix it.  I have found a super simple solution...nursing necklaces.  You may not think that a necklace would interest your baby but really it can distract my little one from almost anything.  Here is my round up of my favorite breastfeeding accessories.

This was my very first nursing necklace that I got when Jad was 5 months old.  He was just starting to get really distracted and I needed something to tame him.  These are simple pendant necklaces that come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  They are silicone and safe to chew on.  With the minimal design, they are easy to keep clean as well.  They are having a sale which takes their necklaces down as low as $9.99.

These were my first wooden beads I tried.  This is a nursing necklace that is made of different size wood beads and different textures to occupy the baby.  They go really well with most of my wardrobe and are virtually undetected as anything other than a normal accessory.  Alphabet Soup Busy Beads retail for $19.99.

This is definitely my favorite silicone necklace.  Instead of just one pendant, this is a strand of silicone beads.  You can get them in all sorts of style and colors and they can be worn everyday.  I love to strap this one in my purse loop on my Boba and throw it back to occupy Jad while going about my day.

This was my latest addition to my nursing necklace obsession.  Boubeads will actually custom make your beads.  This was my recent custom I had made for my birthday.

You give them colors and combinations and they create a super cute and fashionable option that is safe and super fun for baby.  Custom strands are about $43.00, ready to purchase run about $24.00. Jad gives them a thumbs up.

How to you keep your nursling on task?


  1. Those are all so pretty! I love the blue one!

  2. The custom boubeads are very cool! Those are my favorite.