Friday, January 24, 2014

Breastfeeding and Hospital Stays

Unfortunately last week we had quite the scare with Baby Girl. Through 2 emergency room trips, 3 nights in the pediatric unit, 7 IV pokes and several more pokes for blood test, I can't tell you how many times I said thank goodness for breastfeeding.

Here are some tips on what I learned from this experience.

1-Breastfeed as much as you can, especially during procedures

There was a lot of concern about Baby Girl becoming dehydrated. Fourtunatly the nurses saw how much she was breastfeeding and backed off a bit. It was such a huge source of relief for me knowing that during a time where I was pretty helpless that there was something I could actively do for my daughter. Not to mention how much easier it was to get her to lay still or comfort her during all the poking and proding. We had one nurse laughing at the acrobatics I was doing in order to get on the bed and nurse side lying just so we could get blood taken. At one point Baby Girl would latch, take a drink and then scream at the nurse to let her know she wasn't happy but she wasn't going to let it stop her from getting a drink.

2- Drink lots of water

See #1. You're baby is going to want to nurse. A LOT! You're going to want your baby to nurse a lot. Even if you think your being a pain ask someone to bring you water. Ask the nurse, your partner, even a DR! You're no good to your baby if you aren't good to yourself. One of the best ways and most simple ways to boost supply in drinking enough.

3-Ask for Help

As crazy as it sounds to me, even though I'm breastfeeding and even with a 10 month old in isolation I was not provided a meal during our stay. And with a sick 3 year at home my husband briniging me food wasn't an option. Knowing I need to eat to keep up with the crazy demand I reached out to my church group and my local mommy community. Within minutes a meal train was set up for me. I can't even tell you how grateful I am to have a group of women looking after me so I could focus on my baby.

4-If you can bedshare

This is something I had to push for a bit but we bedhsare at home and with Baby Girl as sick as she was I didn't feel it was time to get her into a crib. Being close to my baby let us both rest and let her nurse as much as she needed to.

5-Do or Don't pack fenugreek

I sent my hubby home to pack us a bag once I found out we were being admitted. After several comments from medical personal that she was going to " suck me dry" he returned to the hospital with lots to drink and fenugreek. While I'm thankful that my hubby even thought to pack it, less appreciated were the reminders that they give me bad gas and the nightly text messages to take my "fart pills"

We are now home and things are mostly back to normal. I'm always amazed at what my body can do and how well it provides. The only downside to the week long breastfeeding marathon is the uncomfortable boost in supply and return of leaky boobs!

Has your baby ever been hospitazied? What helped during your stay?

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