Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Working Mamas Must Have Pumping Supplies

When I returned to work I had a few ounces of milk in the freezer and a whole lot of determination to continue feeding my daughter breastmilk.  My first day back to work I sat in my office's lactation room, hooked up to the pump, and cried.  It was so easy for me to just put my baby to the breast.  She preferred the breast!  She hated bottles!  So I cried.

I've been back at work a few months and so much has changed since that first day.  I actually look forward to my pumping sessions.  They're a few minutes for me to escape my busy day and watch videos of my babe, or catch up on social media, and sometimes even do some online shopping!  I've compiled my must have lists for what to have within arms reach while you're pumping, as well as useful things to keep at your desk to make life a little easier.

1. Kindle or iPad/tablet- I keep my iPad Mini within reach at all pumping sessions.  Whether to catch up on Facebook or to watch a video on Netflix.  I powered through the first two seasons of Scandal in a few days thanks to my iPad and pumping sessions.  I would find myself thinking, "I can't wait to pump again so I can watch Scandal!"
2. Phone- Again, something to keep you entertained while hooked up to the machine.  Send some texts, look at photos and videos of the baby, check out Instagram. 
3. Water bottle (with straw!)- While I'm pumping I find that I am so thirsty, so I always make sure my tumbler with ice cold water is within arm's reach.  It's so important for a breastfeeding mama to keep hydrated, so a cup close by is a must have.
4. Hands free pumping bra- I love this Simple Wishes nursing bra, but I know people who cut holes into a sports bra and that works just as well. 
5. Photo and videos of baby- Milk letdowns are based on hormones, so if you're stressed you won't produce as much milk as if you're relaxed.  An easy and awesome way to pump up those milk producing hormones while pumping is to look at photos and videos of your little one.  I love watching videos of my daughter on repeat while I pump!
1. Medela Quick Clean Sanitizing Bags- Before I had these quick clean bags, I would bring home my pump parts each night and boil them.  Now when I finish my last pump of the day I just throw them in the bag with some water and microwave.  I even keep a mini bottle rack in one of my cabinets at my desk to dry my parts!  I've heard great things about these Medela Sanitizing Wipes as well.
2. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags- These are personal preference, but I've been really happy with them.  I lay them down when I freeze them and they freeze flat.  I keep a permanent marker at my desk that I label them with the date.
3. Cooler bag and ice packs- You could really use a lunch box or anything you have on hand, but I love this insulated bottle bag.  I keep my pump parts and milk in it, in the fridge, and then sanitize the pump once at the end of the day.  It would be a major time suck to sanitize the pump parts after each session, so just keep them refrigerated and sanitize once at the end of the day.  If you have a shared fridge at work no one will know what's really in it!  I throw the insulated bag into my work bag at the end of the day with my milk and an ice pack.
4. Replacement Membranes- It's important to replace your pump membranes every few weeks.  If you aren't getting great suction out of your pump, try changing the membranes.  I've noticed significantly better output with fresh membranes!

What are your must have pumping items?  I'd love to know!

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