Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Think I'm Funny, I Think You're Sad.

Lately there has been an article floating around about places where you shouldn't breastfeed. One of those places was a restaurant. Working at restaurants almost my whole working life this made me laugh. Trust me people, the last thing you need to worry about when eating at a restaurant is the mom sitting near you breastfeeding her baby.

I would consider myself a seasoned NIP. I do it all the time and rarely if ever feel self conscious about it. You name it and I've breastfed there.

Not too long ago my family and I decided we would head to Red Lobster to take advantage of their Endless Shrimp special (I love me some shrimp). It was pretty packed and we were seated at table that was in between two tables. I sat in the back corner with the baby. At one point I started nursing her in the Boba.  In full disclosure: I wasn't showing much skin but if you went ahead and looked IN the carrier I'm sure you could see a little more than the typical cleavage.

At one point while I was nursing her the table behind us started laughing HYSTERICALLY. They continued on for 10+ minutes and I could hear them saying things like "hooter" and "time for the  check".

It didn't take long to realize they had caught a glimpse of me nursing my daughter. My boyfriend and I realized quickly what was going on, who they were laughing at, our son luckily had no idea.

I was mortified.

I was angry.

I'm sad that these parents and their children (all girls) probably don't know any breastfeeding women.

I'm sad that they only view breasts as something that is sexual.

I'm sad that those girls probably weren't breastfed themselves.

I'm sad that when they get older and they have children that if they choose to breastfeed they may not have the support of their parents to feed their baby whenever, wherever instead they'll have to deal with the
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remarks that myself and others are used to hearing from our families.

I'm sad that the parents think laughing at someone nourishing their child and encouraging it among their children is the right thing to do.

But I do. And my kids? They won't bat an eye at a breastfeeding mother and lord help them if they do ;).

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