Monday, March 3, 2014


The one whom I loved before I knew.
The one I wept over
Worried over
Prayed over.
The one I delighted in.
The more I grew the more excited I became
As I whispered to you in my belly.

Waves of pain,
Stubborn brain cells willing fearful muscles to relax
And nervous lungs to breathe.
"Oh my goodness" and then...
Miniature wrinkles and brand new fingers
And those eyes: pools of blue
I stared into
As you lifted your little head with great effort to meet my gaze.
That cord wasn't the only thing tying us together.

And me.
A dynamic duo since before day one.
Splish splash,
Mommy's here,
Don't you cry.
And in the midst of this entropic commotion of
Tears and laughter and seven million pictures
You nestle against my breast
And tuck your smooth, sweet smelling hand underneath my collarbone.
Your cherub cheeks grow still as the sucking slows
And your eyelashes quiver like a butterfly's wing.
My heart wants to whisper a prayer of gratitude,
But the heavy warmth of you in my arms
And the smell of milk on your chin
Make finding words impossible.

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