Friday, April 25, 2014

Nourishment for the Soul

Everyone knows all the benefits to babies and toddlers when nursing, and many people are starting to recognize benefits to mothers more often. The list is lengthy and includes everything from physical to emotional benefits. It's obvious that nursing provides nourishment to our children, helping them grow up strong and healthy. But did you consider that nursing could also be nourishment for your soul?

I recently lost my grandpa and was extremely sad during the time surrounding his unexpected passing. Nursing provided comfort to me in a way I hadn't imagined before. Taking the time to slow down and nurse my daughter allowed me an opportunity to stop and make time for things I've neglected too often lately.

I was able to find comfort in slowing down, nourishing my daughter, and letting myself reminisce. My grandpa was a good, hard-working Catholic and I wanted to honor his memory. I started praying the rosary while I would nurse Nora. I must admit...I'm normally multitasking on my phone while nursing these days. Gone are the days when I would just stare in awe at my sweet girl while she suckled milk. After 14 months of breastfeeding, I don't give it my full attention like I once did. Taking the time to slow down and redirect my focus was something I really needed.

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I was getting to a point where constantly nursing Nora during the day would be frustrating at times. Losing my grandpa reminded me of the important things in life. We don't know how long each of us will have with our loved ones, so it is important to never take the small things for granted. I'm so fortunate to still be nursing Nora and providing the perfect nourishment for her little body. I am also fortunate that breastfeeding provides nourishment to my soul and reminds me of life's precious gifts.

Taking a break from nursies

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  1. This is so incredibly beautiful, Andrea. Thank you for sharing! Nursing can be such a remarkably spiritual experience, and it's nice to be reminded of that.