Tuesday, June 10, 2014

If I would have written myself a letter...

...with what I know now, what I'm doing now, and read it before all of this started, I would have laughed. Hard. I breastfeed my toddler and even though I thought he was ready to wean, (a few times), he is nowhere near done. The kink in this whole thing is, when I try to hand express, there's hardly anything there!

Is it ok to comfort nurse my toddler?

I really struggle with this for some reason. Some days, I feel like a super-mom for continuing to nurse him but other times I feel like just the opposite and that I'm using nursing him as a crutch to delay learning other coping mechanisms. Toddler trips and bangs his head: whip out the boob. Toddler isn't feeling great: snuggle and snack all day in bed. Then the thoughts come full circle and I realize that I am a good mom. The same people who side-eye me when I even talk about breastfeeding my son beyond a year, compliment me on how happy he is, how well-behaved he is, how healthy he looks. Would all of this be if he wasn't still nursing? 

Let's dissect this for a moment, shall we?

Toddler bangs his head and wants to nurse. Toddler nurses. Toddler feels better. ===> Weirdo Mom With No Coping Skills or Awesome Partnership?

Toddler is sick and wants to nurse all.day.long. Toddler nurses. Toddler feels better. ===> Weirdo Mom With No Coping Skills or  Super Efficient Way to Get Toddler Antibodies and Fluids at the SAME TIME?

So I guess I answered my own questions. In my mind, there's no difference in my son using me or a blanket/toy/[insert other lovie here] when he's down, ill, hurting (physically or emotionally). Actually, there is a difference. The lovie isn't going to provide DHA, immunity, a strong bond. Like any lovie, he will grow out of me eventually but for now I will enjoy it. I just have a hard time believing that one of these is more ok than the other: 

15.5 months vs 6 months

Til Next Time, Mamas
Keep Calm and Nurse On

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