Monday, December 2, 2013

All you need is... Support

I learned really quickly after my daughter was born that in all my research and knowledge about breastfeeding, no one mentioned how important support was. No, not bra support, personal support. I was so lucky that my significant other supported my decision to breastfeed or at least attempt to breastfeed, and he even went to classes with me and did his own research. He was there in the hospital with me after an emergency C-Section delivery and supported me the entire time.

My first night as a mom, I was already ready to quit breastfeeding. She latched perfectly and ate and ate and ate and ate.... She loved to be connected, but after 3 days of not sleeping, from being uncomfortable at 41 weeks pregnant, and then not being able to sleep in the hospital, the long nursing sessions were wearing on me.

My fiance was great. He encouraged me, and got me snacks and water and anything I needed to get comfortable while nursing. He shooed visitors out of our room so I could feed our daughter without having to cover. Even now, 8 months later, he helps me find places when we are out in public to feed her without being exposed to every one. He'll stand in front of me if I feel like she won't allow me to be discreet.

e's not the only one who I found supported me: I have had women come up to me when I am trying to feed her in public, who say that they appreciate seeing a new mom breastfeeding her baby, and to keep up the good work. I have also had the opposite: people who stare and make rude comments about how I should stay at home or take "the show" to the bathroom. Sometimes, hearing that gets me down, hurts my feelings, but then I think of how "Breast is Best," and I'm a stubborn chick. I know that if I hadn't had the support of these people around me, I wouldn't have a healthy, happy, and chunky 8-month-old who has never had a drop of anything but breastmilk.

I am working on getting a support group started in my community. We live in a small town and many new moms are also single moms who don't have the support of a significant other or family members. I hope to reach out to them and be the support that I feel all new moms deserve. I hope that I can help new and not-so-new moms feel supported though doing the community support group and contributing to this blog.

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