Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nursing Wear for the Mama on the Go

With NYC fashion week in full swing, I can't help but want to spruce up my own wardrobe.  I suddenly find getting dressed in the mornings so much harder.  I don't want to show my stomach when I nurse in public, so I often wear nursing tanks under my clothes.  I've compiled a few of my go-to looks that not only look great, but make nursing easy.
I wore a bit of H&M Maternity while pregnant and was excited to see they made nursing tanks, bras and shirts as well.  This double layer nursing top is a great place to start an outfit for a day around town with baby.

Let's be honest, date night has taken on a new meaning.  For me it's always rushing through dinner because the baby is fussy, or trying to get home in time for a bedtime nursing session (if we were lucky enough to get a baby sitter)!  I've found that the dresses in my closet have stayed in my closet, and I've been favoring skirts and blouses instead.  There's no easy way to nurse in a dress unless it has a low neckline.  This blouse is perfect for nursing- the buttons go low enough that you could unbutton it to nurse, or simply lift it up.

 necklace // pants // top // heels

Work seems like the only place I can break out my statement necklaces these days for fear of having them tugged and broken by my little one.  I often choose blouses like this one over a button down because it's much easier to pull over my head for a pumping session.  Add in some great shoes and necklace and no one will ever know you were up all night with a teething baby!

What are some of your staple pieces for nursing your little one?  Tell me about it!

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  1. Staple pieces for nursing: I cannot get enough of jersey knit wrap (actually faux-wrap) dresses! I have four already and I just want more!