Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 8 Apps for Breastfeeding Mamas

Wether you're a brand new breastfeeding mama or a veteran with a gymnurst swinging from your boob, everyone needs something to pass the time every now and again during a nursing session. Here are our top rated, breastfeeding mom approved apps for 2014.

#8 Facebook- I know, you most likely already have this one, but it warrants a spot. I've been able to catch up on a few of my favorite blogs, get some much needed advice from my breastfeeding support group, and find some encouragement at 3 AM thru Facebook chat. This one is an oldie, but a goodie (isn't it weird that Facebook is now considered kind of old…they just celebrated their 10 year anniversary).

#7 Kindle- Have you ever tried holding a paperback over your head with an attached nursling? I have, for about 5 seconds. Have you tried pumping and holding a paperback above your double-electric pump? I have, (wait for it…) for about 5 seconds. It's just not comfortable and turning pages is like a circus act! I've devoured the entire Hunger Games Trilogy, numerous parenting books, and a few self-help books via my Kindle app. This one is a no brainer!

#6 Pinterest- Who doesn't love Pinterest? Pinterest is a bit like Narnia. Once you're in you never want to leave. If you're not already an avid pinner, I recommend it for finding lactation recipes, family meal planning ideas, and preparing for our little one's birthday parties. This one isn't some big revelation, but certainly worth considering during a Midnight feeding. 


#5 Amazon- This one just might be my absolute favorite. It is not, however my bank account's favorite! It sometimes feels as if I'm playing a video game named "Buy All the Things". I've since found that the "save for later" feature is my friend so I can "shop" without actually buying. Then again… it is really fun to have presents delivered on the daily :) Seriously though, Amazon can really save you in a pinch if you need a new set of Bamboobies, a nursing bra, or pump parts and don't have time to get to a store.

#4 Feed Finder- Ah ha! A new one, folks. This app was created in the UK for nursing mums to find and share suitable breastfeeding locations. It's made it's way to the United States, but will take a little effort from all of us to get it going here. Once you've found a breastfeeding friendly location you can add it and rate it. It's sort of like Yelp, only for breastfeeding. Love it! 

#3 LactMed- Have you wondered if Robitussin is safe while breastfeeding? Or if Robitussin isn't safe, then what can you take? Most of us have had some medical situation arise where we just don't know and truthfully our average doctor doesn't always either. LactMed is the answer. It's a database of drugs and supplements that may affect breastfeeding and is part of the National Library of Medicines Toxicology Data Network. Basically, it's totally legit and you should use it instead of asking everyone you know on Facebook.

#2 iBreastfeed2 by Medela- Finally, a one-stop-shop for all things breastfeeding! If you're looking for an app that provides quick links to resources, an activity tracker, storage and feeding recommendations, breastfeeding friendly location finder (it should be noted that this is also in the early stages, just as the other app is), breast pump recommendations, and more… Look no further! This app has it all!


#1 Netflix- Perhaps you're resting from a nasty case of mastitis or you're pumping at work and in great need of mindless activity. Netflix is your friend. Why not watch every episode of Gossip Girl or Scandal or Breaking Bad or Downton Abbey? Not that I've done that or anything. I'm busy. You could though…

What did I miss? What's your favorite app that helps you get thru the day?

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