Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Year in Review: Big Changes FAQ

Today, we continue our look back at a year of tips and nips (see what I did there?) from the Adventures in Breastfeeding team! Monday, Laura covered the most common questions we hear from moms at the beginning of their breastfeeding journeys, so now it's time to talk about what comes after that! Maybe you're still in the newborn phase and wondering what to expect as your nursling grows, or maybe you're a seasoned pro looking for advice on extended breastfeeding. Either way, we have plenty of great answers and personal stories for you fabulous mamas!

I'm going back to work soon and I'm so nervous! Will I still be able to breastfeed?

You can definitely keep nursing even if you work full-time! We have plenty of tips on how to establish a good pumping routine, the best pumping supplies to have on hand, and a VERY IMPORTANT overview of your legal rights as a pumping mom!
Know Your Rights: Pumping in the Workplace
Pumping Counts Too: A Working Mom's Story

Working Mamas Must-Have Pumping Supplies

I've got a handle on breastfeeding and would really like to rejoin normal society. What can I wear? What can I eat? Can I finally have a beer? Am I EVER going to drop this baby weight?!

Breathe, Mama: we've got you covered! There are plenty of cute clothes you can wear that make it easy to nurse your babe, and we have a wildly popular pumpkin spice lactation cookie recipe that even your non-nursing friends will be begging for. YES, you can have that beer, and probably another drink, as well! And definitely bookmark this great post on getting in shape while breastfeeding!
Nursing Wear for the Mama on the Go
Pumpkin Spice Lactation Cookies

Pumping it Up!

I've decided to nurse beyond a year, but I don't know anyone else who's breastfed for that long. What's it like?

What a wonderful thing to do for your child! Though it may not seem like it, you're in great company! Important things to consider if you're going to practice extended (or "biological") breastfeeding are: how to tell the difference between weaning and a nursing strike, knowing the facts so you can answer the skeptics, setting boundaries with an increasingly communicative and independent toddler, and whether to tandem nurse if another baby is on the way!

Everyone seems to have an opinion about my decision to breastfeed or nurse in public. I feel so alone sometimes....

We totally get it. That's why we talk about our first experience nursing in public (and later without a cover! GASP!), that time someone reported our beautiful nursing photo, and we highlight some of the amazing breastfeeding art and imagery out there.
5 Awesome Breastfeeding Posters
Phew! We've had a busy year with all these boobs and babies! And we have even bigger plans for next year! From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you so much for your interest, support, and incredible feedback! Please stay tuned this month for lots of fresh topics, giveaways, and more exciting changes!

And tell us what topics you'd like to see us cover on the blog, or contact us to become a regular or occasional author! Nurse on, mamas!

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  1. Excellent post, Missy! We sure have some amazing mamas that have contributed to this blog over the past year. Lots of great resources for anyone looking for information on breastfeeding.