Monday, November 3, 2014

A Year in Review: Starting Out FAQ

It's November...and we couldn't be more thrilled that this month marks one year of tears, triumphs, and tatas here at Adventures in Breastfeeding!

To kick off our celebration, we're taking a look back at some of our greatest hits. Today I'll share links to posts that would answer questions moms might have when they are breastfeeding newborns. Later this week Missy will highlight AIB posts that would be more relevant for those who are further along in their breastfeeding adventure. Wherever you are on your journey, we are confident you'll find something informative, inspiring, and empowering as we look back on a year's worth of Adventures in Breastfeeding.

Here are a few of our most popular responses to some common questions new moms have when they begin breastfeeding.

I'm pregnant with my first baby! What can I do now to prepare for my breastfeeding adventure?

Congrats! When it comes to finding success breastfeeding, our contributors have 3 important tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed: educate yourself, trust yourself, and get support.

5 Things You Really Need to Breastfeed
Doing It Wrong
5 Things Every New Mom Wants to Hear

I have a newborn and this is HARD! Does it get better?

The short answer is yes. Whether the barrier you're facing is nipple pain (ouch!), postpartum depression, or anxiety about inverted nipples or augmented breasts, chances are you'll find a way to dig in and get through it. A few of our contributors have shared about these obstacles and how they overcame them.

The Vanishing Finish Line
When Life is on Mute
Do Faulty Breasts = Breastfeeding Failure?


Am I making enough milk? Do I need to supplement with formula?

Misinformation about breast milk supply and what constitutes a "normal" breastfeeding relationship has got to be the biggest booby trap out there. If you are concerned about your supply, it may be an issue with baby, or it may be an issue with you. It helps to have realistic expectations about how supply is created, how it's not, and how often baby will feed (especially during a developmental leap or growth spurt). But sometimes there may be another issue at play, like a posterior tongue tie. If you've already begun supplementing and would like to try to scale back, you can find some tips here.

4 Myths Busted
Pumping Output is Not an Indicator of Supply
Surviving a Growth Spurt

Diagnosing a Posterior Tongue Tie

How to Stop Supplementing

I had dreams of breastfeeding my baby, but now he's in the NICU. What now?

Any parent who has had a NICU experience knows that it's difficult to put into words the challenges you'll face. Tiffany has shared her story of nursing in the NICU and Analyn wrote about how nursing helped her little girl during a hospital stay. 

Nursing in the NICU
Breastfeeding and Hospital Stays

As I look back at the blog's first year, I feel so blessed by what I see: dozens of posts by women (and men!) telling their stories about fears faced, lessons learned, and victories celebrated. Stories of support and encouragement for moms in tough breastfeeding situations. I know now, more than ever, that I am not in this alone. Boy am I grateful.

Would you add anything to this FAQ list about breastfeeding a newborn? 
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And don't forget to check out Missy's post on Thursday about FAQs moms have when they pass the newborn stage.

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